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Labor Insurance Purchase Considerations

Labor Insurance Purchase Considerations


Labor insurance shoes are more suitable for spring and summer wear, autumn and winter wear. Often used by workers.

1, upper: leather softness can walk naturally

2, shoe type: (referred to as: model), that is, the length and width of the shoe, the width of the body is tight with the foot tightness

3, Inner cushion: Whether the correct use of vibration function, sweat absorption function, massage function, health care function structure.

4. Sole: Choose the substrate and the anti-slip requirements in different environments for various areas and environments. For example, a relatively good non-slip environment, lightweight type, and excellent shock-absorbing performance. The outdoor site environment is reinforced with anti-slip, wear-resistant substrates and withstands harsher environments.

5. Subdivided into white-collar workers, blue-collar workers, salaried workers, administrative industries, light industry, heavy industry, construction sites, tourism, and service industries.

6. Shoe state: whether the entire shoe state can be attached to the foot, loose but not loose, flexible

7. Inner: Does it have the correct choice of breathable function, waterproof function, warm function, environmental protection function material

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