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Executive Standard

Meet the standards of safety shoes

Meet the standards of safety shoes

There are also slightly different specifications for safety shoes in different regions and countries. The more common standards are the following.

1. European Common Market Safety Standards

According to the testing methods and specifications of this standard, safety shoes can be divided into three types:

EN345.1:1992: Safety shoes for professional use with steel plates in the toe cap to prevent impact forces equal to 200 J (J).

EN346.1:1992: Professional-purpose protective shoes with a steel plate built into the toe that is resistant to an impact force equal to 100 J (J).

EN 347.1:1992: Work shoes for professional use, without steel sheets in the toe.

2. American Standard

According to the resistance of the shoe to compression and impact, safety shoes with protective toe can be divided into three types.

3. Australian Standard

This standard divides safety shoes into four categories, including:

Heavy duty work safety shoes

Medium work safety shoes

Light work safety shoes

Waterproof safety shoes

4. National Standards of the People

G.B.4014-83 leather safety shoes

G.B.7054-86 rubber face anti-mite safety boots

5. Japanese standards

The safety shoes dumped in Hong Kong today are mainly from Europe, so the content of this article will be based on the European municipal safety standards.

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