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Executive Standard

China Safety Shoes Standard Introduction

First, product safety performance and physical performance standards:Safety shoes,Work shoes

Inspection project execution standard standard requirements

Impact resistance test (mm) LD50-94 Anl: Impact hammer 23kg, after falling 900mm impact, the inner clearance of the shoe is ≥15

Pressure resistance test (mm) LD50-94 Anl: 15KN pressure resistance test after the shoe clearance ≥ 15

Puncture resistance (N) GB12017-1989 Special grade: ≥1100 (environmental conditions 18-28 °C)

Insulation performance test (6KV) GB12011-2000 Test voltage 6KV, duration 2min,

Leakage current<5 mA

Antistatic performance test (Ω) GB4385-95 Resistance value 105Ω-109Ω

Oil resistance GB16756-97 Gasoline, kerosene, transformer oil and trimethylpentane solvent,

Expansion ≤12%

High temperature resistance LD4-91 Low heat resistance, heat resistant temperature 150±5°C

Thickness of the outsole of the shoe (mm)

The thickness of any part of the sole is ≥6

Outsole wear (mm)


Outsole folding resistance (mm)


Peel strength (N/cm)


Outsole hardness (Shore A)


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